Bioaktivitas Cuka Kayu dari Kayu Laban (Vitex pubescens Vahl) dan Akasia (Acacia mangium Willd) terhadap Jamur Pelapuk Kayu Schizophyllum commune

. Farahdiba, H A Oramahi, Paty Apriliza


Schizophyllum commune is the most important species because of its damage to wood product.  This research purposed to evaluate wood vinegar as antifungal activity. The research was conducted in several steps i.e pyrolisis of wood vinegar in 400oC, analysis of wood vinegar content, and efficacy test of wood vinegar as antifungal. Wood vinegar was made from burning wood meal from wood wastes. Wood wastes consist of Vitex pubescens (laban) and Acacia mangium (akasia) Agar media used was PDA (potatoes dextrose agar) and concentration of wood vinegar was 0; 0.50%; 0.75%; 1.00%; 1.25%; and 1.50% (v/v). The results showed that wood vinegar on concentration 1.50% has inhibited 100% of fungi growth. The growth rate of S. commune was decrease as well as increasing the concentration of wood vinegar. The chemical compound of wood vinegar were consist of ethanoic acid, butane, acetylcarbinol, phenol, furanone, dimethyl ketone and butanoic acid,2-propenyl ester.

Key words: Akasia, antifungal activity, Laban, Schizophyllum commune, wood vinegar

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