Publication Ethics


  1. Authors should not submit a manuscript that has already been submitted or published in another journal
  2. Authors should ensure that the manuscript is their original works, not copying from other works
  3. Authors should be aware of the similarity of words/sentences in their article (similarity index) to avoid indications of plagiarism. The responsibility of the indications of plagiarism delivered on the name as listed as the Authors in the manuscript
  4. The scientific responsibility on a manuscript delivered on the name as listed as the Authors in the manuscript
  5. Authors responsible for all permissions or licenses of figures and any materials used by another parties or sources
  6. Authors responsible for grammmar and proofreading if their not a native speakers
  7. By submitting the manuscript, Authors willing to delivered the copyright to the publisher. Authors are free to use their published manuscript as a reference in their later works



  1. Based on their expertise to provide an objective assessment that aims to spread the knowledge
  2. Reviewers should have a clearly arguments in the comment and criticize a manuscript. However, Reviewers also have a role in improving the manuscript by providing supporting feedback
  3. Reviewers should aware of the confidential of a manuscript prior to publication



  1. Evaluate and considered submitted manuscript to be reviewed or published, based on the peer-review result and other considerations that may be necessary. The Editor's decision is absolute
  2. Editors will make corrections, clarifications, retractions, and apologies if there any mistakes happen along the editorial processes that have been made by each stakeholder
  3. Editors should aware about the confidential of a manuscript prior to publication and not used for their personal advantage
  4. Editors will try to performed editorial procedures in appropriate timing
  5. Together to specify the aims and the purposes of the journal as well as its development direction