Ricky Alexander Juniardi .


The conventional drying process requires grain farmers to move grain from the drying to the storage area. This research is aimed at realizing an automatic roof lid system which can adjust the condition of the system wi th changing environmental conditions so that the process of moving the grain can be removed.

The system is designed using Weather sensitivity module, DHT11 temperature sensor, and light sensor (Light Dependant Resistor ) and servo motor as actuator using Arduino Uno R3 as system control unit. The system is designed with the ability to adjust the roof fin position to align with the sun position and is equipped with GSM SIM800L module for remote monitoring and control process es. Based on the design results, the system can respond to environmental changes by closing the roof fins when rain conditions by utilizing rain sensor. The temperature sensor will respond to ambient temperature as a reference to open the roofing fins whe n the temperature has reached 29OC. The roof fins can adjust the position with the direction of the sunlight using the LDR sensor mounted on the side of the roof fin by adjusting the rotation angle value of the servo motor connected to the roof fin lever with a rotating angle of 110O for LDR 1, 130O position for LDR 2 position, and 145O for LDR 3 and LDR 4 as reference sensors to close the roof fins with 3-4% output error difference for each roof position of the roof fins.


Keywords : grain drying, roof top cover system, roof fin, arduino uno r3

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