Studi Etnobotani Tumbuhan Obat Pada Masyarakat Dayak Salako Desa Sebunga Sajingan Besar Kalimantan Barat

Purnawati Riza Linda, Siti Khotimah


Research on the study of etnobotany of medical plants in the society of Dayak salako of Sebunga village Sajingan Besar had been conducted from July to August,2014. Dayak Salako tribe is on of the Dayak substribe who live in the area of Sajingan Besar of West Borneo who still use plants from forest and yars as tradisional medicines. The purposes of this research are to identify the variety of medical plants, to find out what part of the plants usually used as tradisional medicine and also to know the procedure of making tradisional medicine. Method of this research is purposive sampling which is to determine the location of the study. Research finding shows that there are 29 varieties and 22 families were identified. The family of Zingiberaceae, Euphorbiaceae and Poaceae are the mostly use as medical plants. Leaf is the part of medical plant mostyl used as medicine.


etnobotany, medical plants, dayak salako, sebunga village

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HAL : 236-241 (PDF)


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