EksplorasiLaba-laba (Araneae) di Hutan Sebelah Darat Desa LinggaKecamatan Sungai Ambawang

Cahyadi Kurniawan, Tri Rima Setyawati, Ari Hepi Yanti


Spider is member of Arthropoda that are often found in nature. Exploration of spider is an effort to collect information to the type of spider in its habitat. The aim of the research is to investigate spiders in Sebelah Darat Forestof Lingga Village, district of Ambawang River. The study conducted by using observation method. Five line transects with 500 m length was established. Direction of line transects was determined using simple random sampling based on 8 aspects of compass. 12 genera of spiders are found, which are derived from 7 families, namely Araneidae (Agalenatea, Neoscona, Argiope, Araneus, Larinioides), Tetragnathidae (Tetragnatha, Metellina), Lycosidae (Hippasa), Nephilidae (Nephila), Theridiidae (Latrodectus), Agelenidae (Tegenaria), and Sparassidae (Olios). The number of individuals and genera spiders are higher in transect 1 (northeast direction) than the other four transect.Sebelah Darat Forestsupports the life of the spider.The area has less direct sunlight, the temperature ranged from 27.5-30 0C, low wind speed (0-0.7m/s) and high humidity (78-92.5%).


Arthropoda, araneae, exploration, spider, habitat

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