Pemanfaatan Tumbuhan Yang Berpot Ensi Sebagai Sumber Pangan Di Gunung Peramas Desa Pangkalan Buton Kecamatan Sukadana Kabupaten Kayong Utara

Juliana, Riza Linda, Mukarlina


Paramas mountain forests were rich in source of biological diversity. The source has been benefited by locals as food. The purpose of this study was to investigate the type of plant parts used by villagers as a food sources in Pangkalan Buton.Mount Peramas, Sukadana, district of North Kayong. The study was conducted for two months, October to November 2012. It employed snowball and semi sructured interview. The research found that villagers of Pangkalan Buton, Peramas mountain, Sukadana, district of North Kayong have benefited 47 plants species from 27 families as food source. Family Euophorbiaceae was a plant of the most widely used by the villagers, 14 percent for stem and 53 percent at fruit. Group of plants whose fruits used as a source of food amounted to 49 percent. Generally the villagers directly eat the fruit as a food source. The plants typically could be found in the forests of Peramas Mountain, Sukadana, district of North Kayong.


plant of food sources; Mount Peramas; District of North Kayong

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