Angka Lempeng Total Mikroba pada Minuman Teh di Kota Pontianak

Gita Wiratna Rahmawati, Riza Linda


Tea drinks are presumed to be contaminated by microbes. The presence of microbes can be one of the biological parameters that can determine whether food and drinks are worth to consume. This study was conducted to determine the value of microbial Total Plate Count (TPC) in tea drink samples sold in Pontianak city. The samples were obtained in six locations which were one cafe and five traditional markets. Samples taken were ice cubes, tea with ice cubes, and tea without ice cubes. Samples test was done in duplicate and the result stated that the lowest TPC were found in tea with ice cubes samples 22,6x102 CFU/ml, while the highest TPC were found in ice cubes samples is 32200x102 CFU/ml.


Ice cube, Microbes, Tea drinks, Total Plate Count (TPC)

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