Jenis Jenis Ikan Arus Deras di Hulu Sungai Mentuka Kecamatan Nanga Taman Kabupaten Sekadau

Desi Kristianti, Ari Hepi Yanti, Tri Rima Setyawati


High stream water fishes have unique body shapes as special adaptation pattern so that they are able to stick on the rocks and have attractive colors so that it has potential to be breed as animal fancy. The study aims to know the types of fishes that are found in the headwater of Mentuka River. This research used Purposive Random Sampling. The research had been conducted in three months from November 2016 to January 2017 in headwater of Mentuka River. In this research, seine fishing tools fishing net, landing net, and posat (traditional trawling tool) were used. The research findings reveal 3 families, which included Balitoridae, Cyprinidae, and Hemiramphidae. The species of Paracrossochilus vittatus from family Cyprinidae was found the most in the headwater of Mentuka River, and it is an endemic species in Borneo. The species from family Balitoridae that was found the most was Homaloptera stephensoni.


fish, fast flow, headwater, Mentuka River, Cyprinidae

Full Text:

HAL 118-122 (PDF)


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