Tingkat Kerusakan Hepatosit Mencit yang Diinduksi Alkohol 40%

Hendri, Ari Hepi Yanti, Tri Rima Setyawati


Consumption of alcoholic drink in large quantity can cause alcoholic liver disorder, such as liver weakening, fibrosis and cirrhosis. This research aims to determine the effects of alcohol 40% orally for 20 days and 27 days on the liver of mice. The design of the study is the randomized block design, which consists of three groups: normal control group, exposure to alcohol for 20 days and exposure to alcohol for 27 days. The results showed that adding 40% alcohol for 27 days in mice caused liver damage most severe than alcohol exposure for 20 days. The damage that occured in the liver of mice included narrowing of the sinusoid and changes in normal hepatocyte that became swollen degeneration.


alcohol 40%, alcoholic liver disorder, hepatocyte

Full Text:

HAL : 15-19 (PDF)


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