Jenis-Jenis Jamur Makroskopis di Hutan Hujan Mas Desa Kawat Kecamatan Tayan Hilir Kabupaten Sanggau

Kiki Anggraini, Siti Khotimah, Masnur Turnip


Macroscopic fungi have a very important role for the ecosystem of the forest and human life. This research   aimed to find out the types of macroscopic fungi found in the Hujan Mas Forest, Kawat Village, Tayan Hilir   Sub-district, Sanggau Regency. The research was conducted carried out for three mounth from May to         August 2015 using the cruise method. The research findings showed that there were 26 species of macroscopic fungi consisting of 5 orders and 13 families. The most commonly found fungi were from Order                 Aphylloporales with 17 types, followed by the Order Agaricales with 6 types and the OrderPezizales, Order Xylariales and Order Polyporales each with 1 type respectively. The macroscopic fungi found in the Hujan    Mas Forest, Kawat Village, Tayan Hilir Sub-district grew mostly on the dead tree substrate.


Macroscopic Fungi, Hujan Mas Forest, Tayan Hilir

Full Text:

HAL : 60-64 (PDF)


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