Hipius Joni Iskandar B01109096


This study is titled "Analysis of Agricultural Sector Contribution of sub district Sintang" with the purpose is to determine the contribution of the agricultural sector, sub-sector seed, changes in the agricultural sector and the projected development of the agricultural sector in sub district of Sintang. This study used a descriptive method, to identify the sub-sector seed used Location Quotient (LQ), to determine changes in the agricultural sector use Shift Share Analysis (SSA) and to determine the projected development of the sub-sectors of seed used method of extrapolation (trend).

The results showed that the sub-sector Contributions of Plant Foodstuffs with an average of 25.88%, the contribution of the plantation sub-sector average of 52.28%, the contribution Livestock sub-sector average of 11.97%, the contribution of forestry sub-sector an average of 7.52%, and fisheries sub-sector average of 2.34%. Sub-sectors that have LQ value above the one that is in the Agricultural Sector Sub Sub Sub Sector Livestock and Forestry Sector. While valuable under that sub-sector of the food crops and fisheries sub-sector. Competitive sectors namely food crops sub-sector, sub-sector plantations, livestock sub-sector and the results.

The projected average growth of the agricultural sector in the next five years between the years 2013-2017 is 3.26% agricultural sector, sub-sector of food crops by 2.43%, 4.86% plantation sub-sector, sub-sector of livestock and the result is 3.21 %, -9.24% forestry sub-sector and fisheries sub-sector of 0.67%.



Keywords: Contributions, Seed Sector, Changes In The Structure And Projections


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