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Bank BRI Sambas is a company or a state-owned banking institutions angaged in banking or finance has been progressing quite rapidly both in raising funds and loans given to customers and the development of an increasing number of clients.

The problem in this study is how the development of customers growth in the Bank Rakyat Indonesia Unit Sambas. This study aims to analyze customer growth at Bank Rakyat Indonesia Unit Sambas.

This study used a descriptive method is a method of analysis that depicts a real situation in order to obtain the facts and then processed into data for further processing in order to obtain a conclusion. To obtain primary data is done by spreading the questionnaire and conduct a question and answer directly to the respondents, while the secondary data obtained from the data bank documentation BRI Sambas.

From the results of the qualitative analysis can be seen in the bank’s customer growth BRI Sambas number of debtor and creditor clients in general from year to year continues to increase. And the bank’s role ad Agent of Trust, Agent of Service, and Agent of Development is quite good especially for the BRI Unit Sambas. Suggestion that the author of Sambas BRI bank should maintain and enhance public trust in order to further the development of the customer base as well as the association of public funds and the borrowing of funds to communities to increase even more, the Sambas BRI bank in an effort to increase savings and loans should be more intense longer do promotion and introduce the activities – banking activities including banking facility supporting themselves so that customer know more clearly about the wide range of banking activities, the bank should give more credit to customers who will make loans to venture capital than for consumption, as if to capital the business or economic activity will increase incomes sambas.

Key Words : Agent of Trust, Agent of Service, and Agent of Development.


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