Gemuruh Sukma Nuralam B31110117


Abstract - PT Pegadaian (Persero) Tbk as one of the State-Owned Enterprises loans to the public on the basis of law lien is committed to extend credit to the small-to-medium in which not only the current mortgage product that can be enjoyed at the Pawnshop, but a variety of products other financing is like lending to micro entrepreneurs and financing of precious metals in installments.

To continue to compete in this business, the company always strive for customer satisfaction with the services provided so as to give rise to a high level of satisfaction. By looking at these things, then the goal is "Is the quality of service provided to customers in accordance with existing procedures and will be able to meet customer expectations maximum standards".The method used in this thesis is a descriptive research method in the form of the object of research customer survey on PT PEGADAIAN (Persero) Tbk CPP Pontianak, 100 people using purposive sampling technique that respondents who conduct transactions at pawn shops during the last 1 year. Data collection techniques using primary data obtained from observation, interviews and questionnaires and secondary data obtained from various other sources, such as literature and study the documentation of the company.To analyze the data using analytical tools and the interest rate or the performance of customer satisfaction by using a Likert scale consisting of information about performance (very satisfied, satisfied, somewhat satisfied, not satisfied and dissatisfied) and information of importance (very important, important, quite important, less important and not important). Then making perceptual maps or Cartesian diagram consisting of 2 variables, namely X = level of performance Y = and the level of interest that describes the position of each quadrant.The results were obtained the data, namely that most of the respondents were women aged 17-30 years and worked as private employees. Overall consumer perceptions of service quality on PT PEGADAIAN (Persero) Branch Company Pontianak seen from the dimensions, Reliability, Responsiveness, Assurance, Tangible Emphaty and there are still some things that should be corrected.

Keywords: Quality of Service, Customer Satisfaction


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