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This study entitled "The Impact of Land Price Increases To Rent Building, Growth and Developed of Sintang City (Bidrent Theory Approach). This type  is descriptive research with  qualitative and quantitative approaches. The aim of research first is to analyze changes of the price of land in urban as well as the growth of business premises and dwellings or settlements in four (4) locations, namely the Kapuas Kanan Hilir Village (Masuka), Ladang Village (Near fo Melawi River), and Kapuas Kiri Hilir Village (Dara Juanti Museum), and Kapuas Kanan Hulu (Sungai Durian), the second aim is to analyze the spatial distribution of direction of developed (expansion) of Sintang City.

The variables studied were growth in price/rent of land, the number of businesses and the expansion of the city toward the spatial distribution, the method used is survey method, observation and interviews with respondents or informants.

The results of research showed that in the last 10 years the growth of land prices are highest in Kapuas Kanan Hilir (Masuka) regions was reached as 122%, Top two was Ladang Village (Cross of Melawi River), the third is Kapuas Kanan Hilir village (Masuka) and its four is Kapuas Kiri Hilir Village (Museum). While the price of land is highest in the area of Kapuas Hulu Kanan Village between Rp1.500.000, - until Rp11.000.000, - per m2 (square meter) with an average growth of 47.80%. The rising price of land as a result of the development of the city it self, followed by the growth of residential and business premises as well as economic facilities, bank, hotel, education, healthcare, and other social facilities. Direction of the spatial distribution of urban growth Sintang developed following the growing number of business premises and land prices. Spatial distribution of growth is 63.20% Sintang City leads to the Kapuas Kanan Hilir village (Masuka). To Ladang Village (17.69%), to Sungai Durian (13.32%) and the directions to the Kapuas Kiri Hilir village (5.79%). This means that Bidrent theory applies only to a certain point, does not apply if it is associated with the development of a city that is not symmetrical, because in a city there is new growth centers.

Keywords: the price of land, a place of business, growth, bidren theory

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