Analisis Audit Energi Listrik Pada Sistem Pengkondisian Udara (Studi Kasus Di Ruang Kelas Fakultas Ekonomi Universitas Tanjungpura)

Taufik Hidayat


Abstract– Comfortable air condition is an absolute must in a Rungan but should not leave the aspect of energy saving electricity. Audit of electrical energy in the air conditioning system is an alternative system of electric energy savings, thus obtained the proper AC specifications to be applied in the classroom at the University economics faculty Tanjungpura without leaving aspects of feasibility analysis, installation of air conditioners that have been adjusted. Also evaluates investment approach to Benefit Cost Ratio (BCR) as the basis for the beginning of the feasibility of the approach requires techniques to determine the basic forecasts profits and costs is then compared with a profit of present value, using the prevailing interest rate. Installation of split AC inverter that has the appropriate obtained BCR net value obtained by 1.16 and the investment cost of Rp. 3. 850.000/ unit AC with BEP value of Rp 1,360,198,898 in year 2 the use of air conditioning. Therefore, the value of BCR ³ 1.00; then the Split AC inverter complies with the requirements of the room is considered beneficial. Based on the analysis of BCR can be concluded that the factors of energy consumption rates litrik and treatment is the key draw of investments in air conditioning units.

Keywords– Energy audit, Air conditioner (AC), feasibility analysis, Benefit Cost Ratio

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